Bimini Life


Choose your perfect escape in one of the hotel’s luxurious accommodations, or opt for ultimate seclusion with a private condo. This 750-acre premier luxury Hilton Bimini beachfront resort spans approximately half the intimate island of Bimini, providing the ideal backdrop for both relaxation and adventure. Bimini Bay Marina Guests May Now Enjoy Access to Resort Amenities (Subject to Terms and Conditions):
☀️Oasis Pool
🌴 Monkey Business Pool
🏖️ Bimini Beach Club (Subject to Event Schedule)
🎉 Free access to the Hotel’s Entertainment Events
🚌 Transportation
This Watersports Center provides the best recreational experiences to the guests who visit Bimini. Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, and Wild Dolphin Adventures around the gorgeous island of Bimini in the Bahamas. Kayaking, fishing and encounters with Stingray and Hammerhead Shark are between the most thrilling, magical, and in some instances life changing experiences. Discover new adventures and interact with the wonders underwater world.
Fabe’s Conch Salad Stand, also known as Stuart’s Conch Stand, is located near Porgy Bay Park in Bailey Town Bottom Street. They serve fresh conch salad daily, made to order. The key ingredient in Bahamian conch salad- the conch- is a true treasure of the sea. It’s raw, white meat comes from the regal looking pink-lipped and spiral-shelled Queen Conch (pronounced “konk”, not “konch”). Enjoy a Family and Kid-Friendly Dining.
Was originally built as Sapona during WWI and purchased in 1924 by Bruce Bethel who moved the ship to Bimini, using it as a warehouse for alcohol during the era of Prohibition. Bethel also intended to use the ship as a floating nightclub, although this plan never came to fruition. In 1926 the ship ran aground in a hurricane and broke apart. The wreck lies in about 15 feet (4.6 m) of water, the stern broken off and partially submerged by hurricanes that struck in 2004. Little concrete is left on the hull because of the effects of bombing and weathering.
Enjoy a seat at the edge of paradise with ocean front dining! Experience the flavors of the island and try some local dishes like the famous Cracked Conch. Big Johns is pride on having the best service quality food and view on the island. Enjoy live music by local bands or live it up and party to the sounds of local and/or celebrity DJs every Friday & Saturday. The party is only a few steps away from their cozy, upstairs boutique hotel. Never say “goodbye” and take them home with you after visiting the restaurant Souvenir Shop.
The stones look like giant charcoal briquettes, which look like a road from above. When down close & personal they still make you wonder what they really are. Definitely Bimini Road looks man made and very old. Lobsters like to hide underneath them as well as fish & eels. Lionfish also, like to hang out under the ledges by the bottom so be cautious when getting close to take a look.
If you haven’t tried “Bimini Bread” Pizza, you are missing out. Many customers say it is one of the best pizzas they’ve tasted, so we highly recommend visiting Edith’s Pizza on your next trip to the island. With over 15 pizza toppings to choose from, customers come from all over the world visit Bimini to take home a frozen specialty pizza. Delicious Bimini Bread topped with lobster and cheese? Yes, please!
Located on the north side of the island, enjoy several attractions such as shops, restaurants, and bars that Alice town offers.